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Popular mission in Ahmednagar is a re-evangelization movement of Vincentian Congregation in its Maharashtra Region in India.  Our mission in this area is known as St. Paul mission. As St. Paul, we missionaries serve here with the zeal of evangelization. Popular mission is a family renewal retreat program and it is conducted with the support and participation of the people. We are invited in to a village or a parish by the parish priests. Always our availability and offer of service is considered by them.


A whole-hearted commitment to the evangelization of the poor and their human and Christian advancement is the identifying mark and the Charism of the Vincentian Congregation. From a personal and intimate love of God preaching ministry began in the St. Paul Mission through the initiatives taken by Fr. Davis Arackal VC at Rahuri Factory centre with the support of Tabor Ashram, Kalyan. In the early years Bible conventions were conducted in Rahuri Factory and Ahmednagar. Periodical one day conventions were also conducted at Rahuri Factory. After a hiccup for some years in the preaching ministry the new era of proclamation of St. Paul Mission was started by Bible Convention at Rahury factory in 2011.

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As St. Paul Mission started to grow through different centres for pastoral ministry, different congregations of Religious Sisters were invited to contribute to the pastoral growth of the Mission. In each centre Sisters render their service in the parish activities with the parish priest in the upkeep of the church, village visit, teaching catechism, arranging special camps, etc.


The missionaries took initiative in bringing the Malayali Christians together for prayers, it turned out to be a social get-together for all the faithful in this far-away land. These meetings paved way to know the difficulties of the individuals and families and the groups took earnest interest in extending helping hand to the needy under the leadership of the priests. Fr. Joseph Kavalakkattu was a champion in entering into the life of the Diaspora Malayalis even those who were living in isolated areas or socially withdrawn because of their low status.



Our Mission is to provide quality education that forms the young to evolve as men and women of character, competence, conscience, compassion and commitment, who will then contribute to the evolution of a counter-culture to the present ruthlessly competitive model by promoting collaboration and cooperation for the growth of all, in a climate of mutual trust and sharing; and to the shockingly corrupt society, by fostering uprightness in public life.

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