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Vincentian House and St. Vincent's Church


Shrirampur was one of the mass centers accepted by Vincentian Fathers at the very beginning of this mission. Fr. Sebastin Vazhapilly from Jalgaon was offering Holy mass once in a month on weekdays for Syro-Malabar Christians at Loyola Sadan in Shrirampur. St. Vincent’s Church, attached with Vincentian house was consecrated on March 19, 1995 by Bishop Paul Chittilapilly.

De Paul English Medium School

On July 3, 1992 Rev. Fr. Thomas Mullenmadackel VC started to reside at Shrirampur. Considering the need of the time and place, the decision to begin an English Medium School was put forward. With the help of well wishers in 1994 De Paul English Medium School was started at Shrirampur

Shrirampur School.JPG

De Paul Public School  CBSE

De Paul School has been steadily progressing and new infrastructure became a necessity. The School also lacked good ground and courts for play. As a solution for this, another plot of Seven acres which is 200m away from the existing land was purchased. Over the years De Paul School became a full-fledged School and the time and circumstances demanded for starting a new school in CBSE pattern.

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