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De Paul Centre


With the motto “To reach out to the unreached” Rev. Fr. Thomas Mullenmadackel VC stepped in to Vavarath village through extremely rough road in the year 1999. Through his frequent individual visits and also with Prof. S. B Khomine, Fr. Thomas realized that the burning need of the villagers are a school and a clinic. Based on the collected information Fr. Thomas prepared a project proposal and presented on September 17, 1999 for the lift irrigation for 540 acres of land of the villagers and residential Marathi Medium School and a clinic. The permission was granted by January 1, 2000 and he started his work in Vavarth.

Mauli Store

Since there are no shops around the village Fr. Thomas Mullenmadackel started a provision shop at the request of the villagers attached to the De Paul Centre.


De Paul Hostel

Since the people living in Vavarth and nearby villages are mostly nomads, their children used to be irregular to the school. Hence the necessity of the hostel facility was required and thus hostel for both boys and girls were started.


De Paul Residential School

The foundation of the school building was laid on January 23, 2001. Through self-sacrificing services of Fr. Thomas and Sisters, Vavarath village got completely transformed. Sr. Eugene is one of the pioneer missionaries who took all the initial difficulties cheerfully and toiled a lot to serve the poor people.


De Paul Farm

As a part of the original project sponsored by the funding agency, INTERMON, Fr. Thomas developed a Model Farm in the 3 acre land, integrating all our interventions and activities. He implemented his own Integrated Eco-Friendly Recycling Programme, which includes plantation of various fruit trees, shade trees, flower garden, show plants, livestock, birds, fishery, poultry in the plot and developed it as a model of micro planning which attracted many NGOs and Social schools like Centre for research in Rural Development, Ahmednagar, Nirmala Niketan Bombay and even IGNOU, New Delhi.

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